Price of API Addon


I have tried to ask the following question via chat, but I was recommended to ask in the developer forums.

In the following page:
we find that the limit is 40,000 API calls per day (without the API Add-on)

We are in a situation where one customer will exceed these limits and we want to know what the price is for an API Addon to be able to update up to the limit of 160.000 contacts per day. It might be necessary if we are not able to export the last changed contacts for the last x hours. (We could of course store the data in a temp-database - but…)

Who can give us an answer on this issue?
I have also found some info here, but no pricing info regarding the different addons.

Per Skute


@perskute The pricing in on our pricing page. It is $500/Month.

Let me know if you want to move forward with this and I can forward you to a sales rep.


@pmanca I don’t see the API add-on on the pricing page you shared. Is it still available?



Yepp. Still there, but it is like a hidden “feature”. Do like this:

  1. Go to this page “
  2. Select “Marketing Software”
  3. Further down “Calculate your price”
  4. Select the price calculator
  5. Select plans --> services --> add-ons
  6. At the bottom select “Click here to add infrastructure technologies to your package.”

Hope this help you out!
Per S.


Found this thread when looking to increase the api limit. Unfortunately this suggestion does not work.


@Eyal_Katz What problem are you running into?