Problem Authenticating Timeline Event



I am attempting to add an event to a contact’s timeline in my test application, and I am getting a 401 Unauthorized back. I am following the instructions here:

I do have an OAuth code and I my application is using the refresh token, to get the access token, as it is supposed to. I am using the PUT method in the request, as it instructs and include the header with Bearer and the access token as well. I am submitting the JSON package in the body of the request. Here is the response I am getting back:

"message":"Any of the listed authentication credentials are missing",
"engagement":{"oauth-token":"oauth-token not engaged. OAuth access token not found in request header.",
"hapikey":"hapikey not engaged. hapikey is not present in query params.",
"shhkey-v1":"shhkey-v1 not engaged. Shhkey not found in the request header.",
"access_token":"access_token     not engaged. Token not found in query params.",
    "internal-cookie":"internal-cookie not engaged. Cookie not found in the request.",
    "app-cookie":"app-cookie not engaged. App cookie is not present on the request.",
    "legacy-app-cookie":"legacy-app-cookie not engaged. Auth cookie is not present in the request.",
    "saml-redirect":"Not engaged, HubId not specified on the request, cannot identify Identity Provider. is missing"},


Hi @carltonsmith,

Can you direct message me with the full request you’re making?


Thank you, I have just sent it


Same here. Did you guys figured it out?


Hi @Samir_Palumbo,

I believe this issue was the result of a malformed Authorization header, but it's tough to remember. Can you create a new post with the request you're making and the error you're receiving?