Problem getting Authentication Token


I'm using this link to get the authentication token<clientId>&scope=contacts%20content%20reports%20social%20automation%20timeline%20forms%20files%20transactional-email&redirect_uri=
and I get this error

I have all scopes accepted:

So why I'm getting the error?


@breixocf Can you DM me your Client ID and secret. I'd like to see if I can reproduce this on my end.


@breixocf You were missing the hubdb scope but that didn't seem to be the entire fix. I can reproduce it on my end.


Can you confirm that the portal you are trying to install into has transactional email and the website add-on? also what edition of HubSpot is it?



I have everything active.


@breixocf Checking off the boxes doesn't mean that the portal you are installing the app into has access to automation or hubdb or transactional email.


I have this accounts, the last is where I will use for test HubSpot integration.


@breixocf You can only install apps into a marketing/sales portal. You cannot install an app into a developer portal.


I use the Developer domain called Enxendra DEV with the Docuten DEMO connection. Sincerely, I don't know how I could work correctly, and I feel strange about this :frowning:


No need to feel strange! You need to make a normal portal either in Testing or with a free CRM to test with.


I thought that I did it. How I must do this?


Hi @breixocf,

Here's some documentation on creating test portals and getting their API key:


I created a test portal, but when I accessed to that page, it gave me the error :frowning: I followed the steps until here and the Request for integration permissions showed me the error (obviously a different page). I want to do a OAuth integration. Ask me if I must give you more info please.


This is the URL that I used. And the page gave me this response

Request for Integration Permissions
Uh oh!
Insufficient scopes were provided. Please contact the integrator.


@breixocf Can you uncheck agregar forumlarios de accion and seeing if that helps?


I created a new application and it worked! In this new app I don't pick that option... Maybe that fixed the problem, thank you!


I'm glad you have it working! Form actions aren't really a thing anymore so checking it off without needing it might have caused the issue.


Hello @pmanca @Derek_Gervais!
I have a new answer for you guys. In our company we are using HubSpot for a webpage with JS integration for forms. But now we want to synchronize the data obtained and add some events in Timeline for every contact.

Can I get access token for that app? Can we still have the 2 integrations (JS integration in forms and HTTP requests in code) ?
If you need more info, please contact me :stuck_out_tongue:

Hope you have a good day :blush:


@breixocf You can use the access token for that app since you have "Formularios" checked off. You do not need a second app.