Problem with 3rd party vendor integrating existing contact in HubSpot


Hello, We're doing a survey program with a third party vendor. The respondent receives an email message inviting him/her to complete our online survey. The survey includes a new form created specifically for this project. We also provided the 3rd party vendor with a list from our HubSpot instance. The problem we're experiencing is the integration with the form works for new contacts but not the existing contacts. We've been working on this for the past week and still unable to resolve the issue. I appreciate any assistance anyone may be able to provide to help us resolve this issue. Thanks, Lynne


Hi @Lynne_LEONARDI, can you expand a bit on what exactly isn't working for existing contacts? Why doesn't it work / what about it doesn't work? Can you send me to the page where this form is?

Any and all context you can provide will help


Hi Connor,
I appreciate your response. Since I posted the comment yesterday our team has resolved the issue.

Thank you.



Got it, well I'm glad you got it sorted!