Problem with API


We're trying to get all closed deal contacts through the API without success.

When we get all the deals on the endpoint that we use to list them all ( inside associations, the contacts appear as not associated, but when we look on Hubspot, they are associated.

Is there some kind of setup that we're doing incorrectly or didn't do?


Welcome, @Lucas_Castilho.

To clarify, are you calling the Get all deals endpoint and looking for associatedVids but not finding any on deals you would expect?

If so, could you share:

  1. Your Hub ID.
  2. The full request URL you are calling (remove hapikey values).
  3. Are you including includeAssociations=true in the request URL?
  4. Links to deals which have associated contacts in the UI but do not show any associatedVids in the Deals API response.