Problem with HubSpot creating account but not a contact


I called into customer service last Friday and with no help they suggested I reach out to this forum with the same question. Our customer built API created by my team brought the information into HubSpot but once the information came it HubSpot only created the company record and did not create the contact record. My question was - why or how did this happen and what do we need to do to make sure it does not happen again? With it not creating the contact, it did not show up in our sales pipeline thus an opportunity was lost to sell a customer. Please reach out to me for the specific customer information and the company HubSpot created as I do not feel comfortable leaving it here on an open forum. Looking forward to hearing back from someone soon. Thank you!



few questions for you :slight_smile:

Was the contact already created?
How were you adding it to the company?
Is this a one time upload or is this an ongoing service that will be running?

Just creating a company itself won’t associate a contact to it. You need to use the Add Contact to Company endpoint to associate it.


Every time we pass the information into HubSpot from our API it creates a contact and then associates the contact to the company or vice versa. Either way both are created each time we pass the information through. What I am asking is why did these 2 events did not happen. I have passed all the screen shots on to Hadar. Can you please get the email and screen shots from her so you have a better idea of what is happening with this case. Here are the answers to your questions as well.

Was the contact already created? I don’t believe so. That was my first thought as well. But when you search for this user with his unique email address it does not show in the system. There is however another user with a similar first and last name. I would hope the system would not stop from creating a new contact becuase someone has a similar name ( ie, Joe Smith)

How were you adding it to the company? I believe this is all doen through the API. I am relying on you and your expertise to see what happened on the back end when this was created.

Is this a one time upload or is this an ongoing service that will be running? I believe it was a one time upload but the API runs every day from ShiftNote to update the record for the contact if anything has been changed.

Again hoping you can see something on your side that would help explain why this has happened. Thank you for your help!



Each endpoint is designed to do one task/function. If you did not create a contact beforehand creating a company and adding a contact to it will not also automatically create the contact to add it. If you search for the unique email address and they aren’t in the system then you need to create a contact first before you can add it to a company.


Thank you for your quick response. That doesn’t make sense though. How can the company be created but not the contact if you are saying the contact has to be created first. Have you reviewed the screenshots I sent to Hadar? The challenge is we are doignt he same thing we have always done since day one with HubSpot but this time got a different result. So if we are always passing the contact through first and then it is creating the company, then why did it not pass the contact through this time but created the company instead? Again have you reviewed the screen shots sent to Hadar? We are looking for someone to help dig in and find out what happened here. Thank you again for your help!


I have reviewed the screen shots from Hadar, with out being to see your code or what order the calls where made I will not be able to determine from screen shots what the issue was. Any chance you can share some more of your business logic and what endpoints were hit and in what order. Do you keep track or the responses in any logs that you could share?