Problem with HubSpot forms and Google Tag Manager


My team is trying to track the Hubspot forms on our site, but we have had difficultly tracking the forms in google tag manager. Has anyone run into issues like this before? It appears the forms are dynamic, so once they are completed the person doesn't leave the page, which we cant seem to find the right trigger in tag manager to track form completions.

Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks!


Hi @J.sto,

Have you tried either of the following?

  • Target the form's submit button via ID.
  • Add a tracking call to the form's onFormSubmit callback, per this article.


Hey J.sto,

Another suggestion is load GTM in preview/debug mode.

** Ensure you have a trigger setup in your GTM account to track 'clicks' 'all elements'

In the same browser tab, open your page and go through the action of completing the form. It will show you exactly what GTM sees as you complete the form. Simply select at which part of the process do you want to track. For example you can actually setup an event for each individual field, based on the submit button etc.

Finally, after the form is submitted you can send a 'virtual page view' to say something like /landingpage/vpv/formsuccess

In this way you can setup a funnel in GA for </landingpage/vpv/formsuccess>

Hope this was helpful.