Problem with IP addresses



IP addresses from contacts are not being collected from contact form submissions since Friday 16th. It's weird because we still get the IP city and address so something must be wrong with a parser or something.

This is very annoying because we are checking IP adresses whenever a contact aks for a demo, in case someone would request too many demos in the same day.

Can you fix that ASAP please ?

Thank you!

EDIT : Just a few details : I'm talking about HubSpot forms hosted on HubSpot landing pages, so there shouldn't be any problem coming from our part like wrong tracking code installation.


Hi @Black_Pearl,

We're not aware of any widespread issues related to collecting visitors' IP addresses through forms.

To investigate further, I'll need more information. Please provide:

  • Your Hub ID.
  • Links to some HubSpot landing pages experiencing the behavior.
  • Links to some contact records which lack IP addresses.


Hi @Isaac_Takushi,

My Hub Id : 1582050

Landing pages :

Contacts (that were submitted outside of our office (so no cause of IP filter) :

In addition, I've been in contact with HS support about this matter on ticket #2121360

Thanks a lot,


Thank you for that context, @Black_Pearl!

Alright, so I am seeing IP addresses coming in with those contacts' submissions on the back end (e.g.,, This is how some of the properties, like IP country and IP state/region are being calculated.

The strange thing is that the IP address value itself is not populating the IP address property. I have replicated this behavior on my own machine using Opera VPN (thus bypassing the IP filter), so I wonder if something was changed on November 16.

I'll touch base with the support specialist who worked with Alexis and we'll investigate further with the team.

I appreciate your patience!


Thank you Isaac, looking forward to hearing from you.


Hi @Black_Pearl,

I appreciate your patience while I was out of office over the Thanksgiving holiday.

The team has implemented a fix and the IP address property should now populate correctly from form submissions.

The IP addresses of these and other contacts missing data since November 16 should be restored:

Apologies for the confusion and inconvenience. Please let me know if you're still experiencing this issue.