Problem with "You have reached your secondly limit.""



Hey all,

I saw a few posts with the same problem back in 2016-2017. And now I got this problem. It's super strange because we are working with one beta tester now, and we didn't perform even 5 calls per second.

Any ideas how to deal with that?

Thank you a lot!

Deal API Rate Limit

Hi @isoul2007,

Even with a relatively low usage, it's possible for apps without explicit request limiting to occasionally hit the secondly limit if a certain action/subset of actions triggers a number of different processes. For example, if your app were to make a request every time a contact is updated in HubSpot, you might not normally hit the secondly limit. However if a user bulk edits a few dozen contacts, you could easily hit the secondly limit (since the updates will all happen concurrently).

The simplest solution would be to sleep for a few seconds before retrying a request that hits the secondly limit. You could also batch certain requests like contact/company/deal updates, which can help avoid the secondly limit. The following developer doc also has some tips for working within the rate limits:

edit: If you'd like me to investigate your traffic, can you give me your appId and the Hub ID of the portal you hit the limit for?


Thank you for reply!

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