Problems with HubSpot API in DOMO



I have problems connecting HubSpot with my DOMO account - see screen shot. Why is this?



Hi @Lindvig, what are you trying to connect? A specific app? I'll need to know the the request you're making to HubSpot with the headers you're using, and which endpoint you're attempting to hit.

Since this is from within DOMO, there's not much insight I can provide and it is probably better to reach out to their Support team so that they can help you with the specifics on their end.


Hi Connor,

I am basically trying to use the HubSpot default connector - which should work seamlessly.
However it doesn't.

As seen in the screen shot I have attached earlier it says that I should contact HubSpot's support team.

See another screen shot attached telling more about the integration.

All the best,


Hi @Lindvig, I understand that the error points you to HubSpot, but that seems like a generic error from the Domo side. We don't have any insight to their error handling or otherwise, so this could mean anything. Since Domo can do a number of things, I can infer from your screenshot that it may be a permissions error, but can't dig into the issue without the actual request that would be throwing that error, or an error response from our (HubSpot's) server. Oftentimes Domo will allow you to connect your account even if you don't have access to specific tools, but then the actual implementation for a specific tool will fail. If you send over your HubID I can check out what might be happening. Otherwise, without an error from HubSpot there won't be much I can do to help out here.


Okay - thank you for your feedback:-)