Problems with request api contact


I have been noticing that there is an intermittence in the connection with the api because I am receiving several times http status 502



{“status”: 502, “message”: “Bad Gateway”}


Hi @developez

Do you have any more details you can provide for this? It’s not unusual to see an occasional error like this if you’re making a large number of requests over a sustained period, and they’ll usually go away if you pause your requests for a second or two after receiving one of these errors.


Hay dadams

Of course, I have the VID, body request and datetime of each request where I received the 502 status response

below I leave 2 examples of consecutive requests where the incident occurred

P.S. For each request we make a delay of 30ms


[{“property”: “data_basic_title”, “value”: “100”}, {“property”: “income_expense_title”, “value”: “100”}, {“property”: “my_loan_title”, “value”: “100”}, {“property”: “documentation_and_pld_title”, “value”: “20”}, {“property”: “more_info_title”, “value”: “0”}, {“property”: “closure_title”, “value”: “0”}, {“property”: “identificacion_oficial”, “value”: “false”}, {“property”: “tipo_de_identificacion”, “value”: “Credencial de elector - IFE”}, {“property”: “cveelector”, “value”: “"}, {“property”: “no_emi”, “value”: "”}, {“property”: “numero_vertical”, “value”: “"}, {“property”: “cic”, “value”: "”}, {“property”: “comprobante_domicilio”, “value”: “false”}, {“property”: “comprobante_ingresos”, “value”: “false”}, {“property”: “foto_proyecto”, “value”: “false”}, {“property”: “foto_selfie”, “value”: “false”}, {“property”: “inputkuboscore”, “value”: “E3”}, {“property”: “estado_consulta_prospectus”, “value”: “Zona Gris”}, {“property”: “alta_kubo”, “value”: “s”}]

2018-01-04 11:56:01


[{“property”: “data_basic_title”, “value”: “85”}, {“property”: “income_expense_title”, “value”: “100”}, {“property”: “my_loan_title”, “value”: “100”}, {“property”: “documentation_and_pld_title”, “value”: “83”}, {“property”: “more_info_title”, “value”: “0”}, {“property”: “closure_title”, “value”: “0”}, {“property”: “identificacion_oficial”, “value”: “false”}, {“property”: “tipo_de_identificacion”, “value”: “Selecciona”}, {“property”: “cveelector”, “value”: “"}, {“property”: “no_emi”, “value”: "”}, {“property”: “numero_vertical”, “value”: “"}, {“property”: “cic”, “value”: "”}, {“property”: “comprobante_domicilio”, “value”: “false”}, {“property”: “comprobante_ingresos”, “value”: “false”}, {“property”: “foto_proyecto”, “value”: “false”}, {“property”: “foto_selfie”, “value”: “true”}, {“property”: “inputkuboscore”, “value”: “G1”}, {“property”: “estado_consulta_prospectus”, “value”: “Rechazados Automaticamente”}, {“property”: “alta_kubo”, “value”: “s”}]

2018-01-04 11:54:21


Hi @developez, sorry for the wait here.

This was related to the contacts issue mentioned here:

Everything should be back to normal at this point, but please let me know if you’re still seeing excessive 502 errors.


Hi Dadams

I continue with the same problem, between January 8 and 9 I have registered in my Log 109 cases with status 502 HTTP


Hi David

will you have any new news?
I still have intermittences in the calls to the api


Hi @developez

We’ve been making several changes to our network to mitigate the 502 issues, but if you’re still seeing those, can you send me the full response of one of those errors? We’d need the details in that response to troubleshoot this further.


I see 502 and 504 errors periodically too, sometimes a lot.

I have written all of my Hubspot interfaces to pause for a minute or so and retry on these errors. I haven’t had any jobs fail to complete, although they take longer sometimes.