Product Filter and Compare Tool on HubSpot COS



Hi Support,

We want to make a filter and compare tool in HubSpot COS, where we can select two-three products and compare them, if they meet requirements or partially or doesn't meet the requirements. Is it possible to build this entirely on HubSpot? (Assumptions: We store data in JSON files on HubSpot).

Examples would be appreciated.




Can you take a look at this please?



Hi @sameer,

It's definitely possible to build something like this hosted on the HubSpot CMS, but it's not possible to host server-side scripts in HubSpot. This means you'd either need an external server for your scripts, or you'd need to build the compare tool entirely with client-side Javascript. I'm not the best resource to advise you on big-picture questions on the architecture of such a tool, but I'd be more than happy to go over any specific technical questions you have.

One thing you might want to do to start is get familiar with HubDB: