Product Insert API getting Error Bad Request



Hello everyone
i am new in hubsport . and i am try to call product api for insert data. But every time i call the api i am getting error like

{"status":"error","message":"Invalid input JSON on line 1, column 1: Can not deserialize instance of java.util.ArrayList out of START_OBJECT token","correlationId":"b8c01b31-73a1-4885-8ee8-6266d49a48c4","requestId":"a60e40b17d0768d626985e20e7ef5cbd"}

and my code like

int Retval = 0;
StringBuilder SB = new StringBuilder();

        var security = SecurityInfoHubSpot.Instance;
        List<HSProduct> products = new List<HSProduct>();

        var stringPayload = JsonConvert.SerializeObject(model);

            SB.Append("[{\"name\": \"name\",\"value\": \"" + + "\"},");
            SB.Append("{\"name\": \"description\",\"value\": \"" + model.description.Replace("\"", "\\\"") + "\"},");
            SB.Append("{\"name\": \"price\",\"value\": \"" + model.price + "\"},");
            SB.Append("{\"name\": \"recurringbillingfrequency\",\"value\": \"quarterly\"}");
        string baseURL = Helper.HubSpotBaseUrl + resourcePath ;
        string reqParam = String.Format("?hapikey={0}", security.HAPIKey);

        ServicePointManager.SecurityProtocol = SecurityProtocolType.Tls |
                                   SecurityProtocolType.Tls11 |
        ServicePointManager.MaxServicePointIdleTime = 1000;

        using (HttpClient client = new HttpClient())

            client.DefaultRequestHeaders.Accept.Add(new System.Net.Http.Headers.MediaTypeWithQualityHeaderValue("application/json"));

                 var response = await client.PostAsJsonAsync(baseURL + reqParam, model);

                if (response.IsSuccessStatusCode && response.StatusCode != HttpStatusCode.NoContent)
                    Retval = 1;
                    var errtext = response.Content.ReadAsStringAsync();
            catch (Exception ex)

        return await Task.FromResult(Retval);


and my json is

[{"name": "name","value": "[Sample] 1 L Le Parfait Jar"},{"name": "description","value": "

When removes for a thorough cleaning. May be frozen - just be sure to leave enough room for expansion.

"},{"name": "price","value": "9.9500"},{"name": "recurringbillingfrequency","value": "quarterly"}]

please help me


Hi @brajalal.mahanty happy to help here! Are you using this endpoint to create products in HubSpot? If so, it looks like you're using an API key rather than OAuth 2.0, is this correct?

Along with answering my questions above, can you reply to this thread with the following:

  1. The Request URL including the method and headers (Make sure Content Type is set to application/json)
  2. The raw body you're sending to HubSpot.
  3. Your HubSpot Account ID (also known as HubID or Portal ID).


Now my problem is solve. Problem is in the json body