Production Impacting - Missing fields from HubSpot


Two of our customers just reported -
Starting yesterday, our Scribe HubSpot connector started complaining that the fields are missing from HubSpot. We did not change anything and HubSpot support is saying those fields are still available.

We also noticed this in-house yesterday with some of our testing. Some fields that used to show up in our maps are no longer there when we refresh our metadata from hubspot. We looked at our hubspot account and they are there.But without changing our connector for quite some time now, we suddenly cannot retrieve these fields. And are now hearing this from our customers

Example of these fields are: hs_analytics_first_url, _first/last_referrer, _revenue, )num_visits… hs_email_bounce, _click, _delivered, _Las_email_name, etc.

This issue is impacting our most common Scribe-Hubspot customer scenarios and we request expeditious consideration for this.; Much thanks :slight_smile:


Hi @bfonacier

Can you message me directly with any Hub IDs you’re seeing this with? And can you send me an example of the URL you’d be using to retrieve those properties from HubSpot?


Hi - Thx for the reply… We actually pursued this via a different avenue and have already had several concalls with your team. Still unresolved but hopefully getting there.