Products associated with Deals via API



We are trying to fetch product information linked to each Deal via DealsAPI, is there a provision to do so? Couldn’t find anything in the documentation.


Hi @MehulDhikonia,

Line item/product information isn’t currently included in responses from the Deals API. There’s not currently an api for products yet.


Any updates?, this is a basic API feature that makes products useless for us.


Hi @Derek_Gervais Is there any update on this?

Even if we need to subscribe for the webhooks, they are present only for the Contacts, Deals and Companies.

How will I know, if I..

  1. Sync a product and the product synced sucessfully
  2. If the sync is experiencing a delay, by which I mean I synced the product now got a 204 but I cannot see it on the front end, how will I determine that?

Please let me know an alternative to know this data.


Hi @Vamsivinay119,

Relevant post from another similar topic:


Thanks @Derek_Gervais :+1: