Programmatic Removal of App from a Portal?


This is how we want to integrate with HubSpot:

  • Our app gives the user the option to sync data with HubSpot (among other things)
  • When they select this option they have to login to HubSpot via oauth and our App is installed
  • At this point we have access to there data via API and the webhook subscriptions in our app get fired.

Now let’s say the user decides to disconnect our App from HubSpot. We give them the UI to remove their oauth info from our site but the app is still installed in their portal and we will continue to receive webhook subscription events. Is there any way that we can pro programmatically remove our app from their portal when they decide to “disconnect”?


Hi @homerlex,

There isn’t currently a way for an integration to ‘uninstall itself’ from a portal; a user must uninstall the integration manually from their portal. While I’m not aware of any plans to implement this functionality, I can see the use case and I’d be happy to pass it along internally. In the meantime, I’d recommend having users uninstall the app from HubSpot as a part of the disconnect process.


Is there any update on this topic?


Hi @Karthick_Shiva,

There haven't been any changes made since this post was last updated.