Properties not immediately present in API


I’m using a webhook to fetch newly inserted users in hubspot.
I use endpoint to get user properties and almost all is good.

I’ve got some problems because some properties are not present in the first call:

  • hs_analytics_first_referrer
  • ipaddress
  • other fields automatically added by hubspot

This happens often and missing fields are not always the same.

If i manually do another request (some seconds after the webhook), all fields are present.
Seems like a HS latency issue.

Is it normal?


Hi @LucaBartoli

This is normal behavior for new contacts. It can take a few seconds for our analytics system to process the data for a record, so those properties won’t be populated at the record’s creation.


So, why the webhook is called immediately? Is there any purpose?
I don’t think it would be a smart solution to insert a delay in our platforms because of an HS slow field population.


Hey @LucaBartoli

I would suggest changing your webhook subscription from “on new leads” to “on change” for one of those fields that are populated via the analytics engine a single time. For example “Original Source Field” (hs_analytics_source) will only be populated once so will only fire once when a new lead is generated but also after the analytics data has been added.


Hi @Blaine_Connaughton, thankyou for your reply.

Is there any field which is populated after each form submit (and obviously after sources has been populated too)?



I would use recent_conversion_date or recent_conversion_event_name if I wanted to trigger a webhook everytime someone filled out a form