Property Groups and namespaces of properties


In the Hubspot Contact API, it is possible to define custom properties, which belong to property groups. This is documented here:

My question, is it possible for the property group to act as a namespace?
In other words, can you have the same property name under a different group, and the group makes the namespace.
For example:
Would be the same property name under 2 different groups?

If this is possible my next (and real) question is:
How do you specify the group when creating / updating a contact?

The Contacts API as documented here:
... only allows for simple name:value pairs of properties.

Where do you specify the property group?


Hi @stewart,

Property groups cannot be used as namespaces in this way. A property's internal name is its unique identifier, so the same internal name cannot be shared between two properties in the same portal, even in different property groups.

Attempting to create a new contact property with the same name will result in a 409 Conflict error and the response:

     "status": "error",
     "message": "The Property named 'same_internal_name' already exists."

That said, it is certainly possible to add the property group to a custom contact property's internal name to distinguish it from similarly-named properties (e.g. group_1_property_X and group_2_property_X).


Hello @Isaac_Takushi,

Thank you for answering this.

It does raise the question: What is a Property Group for? If there's no namespace, then what is the point of having it? How does it help you?


Hi @stewart,

Property groups allow you to more easily manage and organize properties in the UI and make it easier for users to locate and view related information on contact records.


OK, so it's all about the UI.

Thank you @Isaac_Takushi