'&property=mobilephone' not working


Hi, Hubspot,
I am trying to get all contact info from GET /contacts/v1/lists/all/contacts/all api, with &property=phone&property=mobilephone, phone property works, but mobilephone property do not work, not sure I missed something, or the name is not mobilephone?


Hi @zxdong262,

Could you specify how the mobilephone property is "not working"? Are you not seeing contact records with values? There is a default HubSpot property with the internal name mobilephone, but that doesn't mean there are necessarily contacts with these values.

Could you please provide your Hub ID and links to a few contact records which have values for mobilephone in the UI?


Hi Isaac,
Thank you for the reply.
I mean with &property=mobilephone, contactInfo should include mobilephone property if the contact has mobilephone, right?

to test this, I do set one contact's mobilephone, but leave phone empty, my portal id: 4920570, the contact id is 251. You can see from the image.

from /contacts/v1/lists/all/contacts/all?property=phone&property=mobilephone, I can get phone property for other contact, which means property=phone works,
for this one, no mobilephone property in the api data, means property=mobilephone do not work, that's what I think.


Hi @zxdong262,

Thank you for clarifying, however I received mobilephone data for contact 251 using the request URL https://api.hubapi.com/contacts/v1/lists/all/contacts/all?hapikey=your_key&property=phone&property=mobilephone:

            "addedAt": 1539066601541,
            "vid": 251,
            "canonical-vid": 251,
            "merged-vids": [],
            "portal-id": 4920570,
            "is-contact": true,
            "profile-token": "AO_T-mNsIG3U9_GCjO69YebL7-o6jrkIDT2RA5SiJwWxsO7yCC-GF-MqYc9uazUmRGpDeAer03-WBhlDlLOBC8F0fA_vDnVK0EnNYao3KdcJzXTEsffliWUOjdFQzxsNuoHxJeIA3qVo",
            "profile-url": "https://app.hubspot.com/contacts/4920570/lists/public/contact/_AO_T-mNsIG3U9_GCjO69YebL7-o6jrkIDT2RA5SiJwWxsO7yCC-GF-MqYc9uazUmRGpDeAer03-WBhlDlLOBC8F0fA_vDnVK0EnNYao3KdcJzXTEsffliWUOjdFQzxsNuoHxJeIA3qVo/",
            "properties": {
                "lastmodifieddate": {
                    "value": "1539076693492"
                "mobilephone": {
                    "value": "+16504377931"
            "form-submissions": [],
            "identity-profiles": [
                    "vid": 251,
                    "saved-at-timestamp": 1539066601413,
                    "deleted-changed-timestamp": 0,
                    "identities": [
                            "type": "EMAIL",
                            "value": "email@ringcentral.com",
                            "timestamp": 1539066601387,
                            "is-primary": true
                            "type": "LEAD_GUID",
                            "value": "f78f2f5c-d19c-486c-ab1a-ef4197388ca1",
                            "timestamp": 1539066601411
            "merge-audits": []


Thank you, Isaac

I checked again and it do works now.
I guess somehow I missed something.


You're quite welcome, @zxdong262! I'm glad to hear that it's working.