Property not removed from portal



Hi Guys,

@wizard recently was setting up one of our clients in HubSpot.
As he needed to have custom values for the language field,we created a field called 'language' and then deleted it and created another one but the inital field 'language' keeps on being sent along when a webhook is triggered via a workflow.

After some time, we have discovered, that even when the field was deleted,
it was still returned by the Workflow from the portal.

Portal Id: 4650779
Contact Vid: 9834

Original (current) response when we are querying this contact:
"language": {
"value": "F",
"versions": [ {
"value": "F",
"source-type": "BATCH_UPDATE",
"source-id": null,
"source-label": null,
"timestamp": 1530796467365,
"selected": false

I would like to understand how it can happen??

Kind Regards,


Hi @H3xas,

It sounds like you're deleting the language property, and then creating a new property with the exact same name; is that correct? Deleting a contact property is a 'soft' delete; the data isn't fully purged from the system for some time. When you create a new property with the same name, it's actually re-creating the original property. Therefore, contact records will maintain their original values for the property (which sounds like is what is happening here?)

You might consider creating a new property with a different name (e.g. contact-language) or re-creating the original language property and just changing the property definition / property values to fit your needs.