Prospects API Reporting



Is there any way to do an API call on the Prospects/Visits table to get a list of all domains that visited our site, along with timestamps and urls?


@David_Little There isn’t currently an API for the prospects tool. If you added them all to companies you could use the get recently created companies as a potential alternative. You could also export the prospects to an excel file if you need an offline copy of it. Then you could suck in the excel file somewhere else.


@pmanca - I understand there isn’t an API for prospects but could you provide any info on what HubSpot is using (MaxMind?). I built a pseudo prospects app and integrated it with hubDB but I’d like to beef it up with the type of info you are in collecting in the Prospects tool.


@dbeau We do use some 3rd party databases to get the company insights after the initial reverse IP lookup. Due to the nature of the contracts we have with those companies I cannot divulge where we get that information from.


Hi @pmanca, if I researched correctly, there used to be a prospects API, right? The latest reference I could find was from 2012. Can you explain why you guys discontinued it and if you might enable it again some time? I would find it super useful to do automated outbound with this, setting up an automation together with the API, for example. This would be very powerful.

Thanks for your answer!




If there was an API from 2012 that was called prospects then it was a coincidence, The CRM tool itself wasn’t released until 2014 and the prospects tool came after that. I’m not positive what API from 2012 you are referring to but it wouldn’t have been about the current prospects tool.


Thanks for the quick reply, @pmanca.
Here’s what I found:

HubSpot-hosted sites who have not yet converted to leads. The new Prospects
API allows you to pull specific information about these visitors, such as
company name, number of previous visits, and geographic location.```

as well as:

```The API exposes functionality such as letting developers see who has
visited the HubSpot customer's website, search for visitors from particular
organizations, filter visitors by city, region, state, or country, and
perform operations in HubSpot's new Prospects application. The API uses
RESTful calls and responses are formatted in JSON.```

<img src='/uploads/default/original/2X/d/d64334062441d987b871dededa796278e46be269.png' width='627' height='155'>

<img src='/uploads/default/original/2X/3/3853521246c3b905e006588350c8266320297d90.png' width='141' height='46'>


@david1 Great find! You are correct that did use to exist. We deprecated that API years ago as the prospects tool continued to involve and for the intended use cases we had for that tool we found it was best to just have access to the tool in the UI and not through the API. At the moment there are no plans to resurrect the API.


Hi @pmanca,

With the work-around you suggest here, would that still give the level of detail requested by the original poster? (i.e. Company/Domain; URL Visited; Timestamps, etc.)

This granularity of data is extremely valuable; however trying to get it all through the UI is tremendously tedious.