Pull Internal Email Name via API



I'd like to know how Hubspot can transfer a field called "Internal Email Name" to the metrics CSV file or via API? Right now I can only associate the subject line with a campaign ID. However, we use the same subject lines in various emails. It'd be great if there is a way that we can see a campaign ID associated with the Internal Email Name.


Cat Chan


Hi @cat_chan,

The internal email name should be included in the response from the "Get campaign data for a given campaign" endpoint (see below). The name field will have the internal name, while the subject field should correspond to the email's subject line. Here's an example response:

  "id": 59269768,
  "appId": 113,
  "appName": "Batch",
  "contentId": 5472928823,
  "subject": "Test Web Version",
  "name": "Test No Initial Web Version",
  "counters": {
    "processed": 1,
    "delivered": 1,
    "sent": 1,
    "open": 1
  "lastProcessingFinishedAt": 1513013036000,
  "lastProcessingStartedAt": 1513013026000,
  "lastProcessingStateChangeAt": 1513013036000,
  "numIncluded": 0,
  "numQueued": 0,
  "processingState": "DONE",
  "type": "BATCH_EMAIL"


Thank you for your reply, Derek.

Cat Chan


Hi Derek,

The "name" field is not currently in the API. How can we include this via API? Do we need to revise the current API process?


Cat Chan


HI @cat_chan,

Can you send me a link in HubSpot to the email that you're trying to pull info for? I'll take a look to see if something might be up.