Pull the HUTK id via API to pass over to google analytics


Hi we are trying to integrate hubspot and google analytics to pass over user data and create dimensions in GA as a result to build custom segments to advertise off of. We would like to do this using the HUTK id as that is already captured via cookie and the API, but we are finding it only in some of our forms not all.

If the form was built in hubspot and not on another platform will this still work? if so how do we enable it?

Does anyone have advice on how to capture and pass this ID between the two systems so we can query some of the contact properties to pass over to Google Analtyics?

Has anyone done something similar that the would not mind sharing with us on how they accomplished this?


I’ve got the method described in this article mostly working. The challenge I’m having is how to get the hubspotutk out of Hubspot in a csv.


I'm also trying to figure out how to pull hubspotutk data to use in Google's Measurement Protocol for offline conversion tracking. It looks like it may make more sense to use Visitor IDs since they're more easily accessible?


Have you figured out how to get hubspotutk out of HubSpot into a csv?