Purchasable Item


How can I make a purchasable item that can be associated with a contact.

For a B2C product where a user can purchase many, but the price might vary due to the product being on sale. (There’s only a specific products and these don’t vary)

What API call can I use to show the user has purchased the item and how much they purchased it for. Along with that, I need to be able to have a custom property to show what the transaction# was used in case of a refund the purchase entry can be destroyed.


Hi @Tidyl

This sounds like something you could use deals and custom deal properties to do.


I saw the deals api, but that looks like it’s more complex and less organized than what I’m looking for. The objects are all the same item, which is important for tracking revenue towards a specific product. As well there is no pipeline to this. It’s a much simpler object. If you could help explain how I can break that down to be more reasonable
product_name: “THIS IS MY PRODUCT”,
price: 123,
payment_processor: “Paypal”,
transaction_id: 23423523235

Then I need this object associated with a contact as a contact could purchase multiple of item 1.