Pushing contact/company from a dialer system into the hubspot crm


Here is our test string that did not populate the crm:

It seems without passing the lead in json format it will not be sent.

Hubspot does not accept our POST or GET string. if there anything that can be done can do on Hubspot’s end to accept that type of posting string?


Hi @contactcenter

The Contacts API will only accept JSON formatted data in the body of the request. We don’t have any options to accept data from the query parameters in the URL.

We do accept application/x-www-form-urlencoded data when using the Forms API:

Also, I deactivated the hapikey you originally posted, since that key provides access to all of the data stored in your HubSpot account. You’ll need to generate a new API key from the Integrations > Get your HubSpot API Key screen.