Pushing form submissions to separate contact-specific blog posts?


Hey guys,

We have a system where we are using the Blog module to create an index/listing of Accredited Trainers. We want to allow these Trainers to fill out their information with a form.

So our form would look something like this:

First Name
Last Name
Profile Picture (src. url)
Social Profiles
A Small Bio
What Academy Certs They Have

Is there a way we can take this form submission and then push it through our Blog Post’s template, so it would fill out the profile in the same way it would if we were to do it manually?

For reference, all of these fields would be separate HubL modules, that are blank unless a value is inputted.


@Ty_Stelmach, I don’t think this is possible directly through HubSpot, but if you capture these specific form submissions you can probably use the blog api to publish the info. You’ll need to set up the logic to parse the info and create the post on your end.