Quality auditing process for Hubspot pages


There are around ~1000 landing pages and ~1000 website pages in our Hubspot account.
The goal we want to achieve here is how to automate the quality auditing process for Hubspot pages. We would like to know

  • Which page are missing meta description?
  • Which pages are duplicated in term of title, meta description?
  • Which pages are broken in term of visual?
  • What external resources - js, css, template, form - a page is referring to so that the team can refactor those css, js safely? And then check the result if new pages are affected by changes in JS?

Because the number of pages are huge, we want to make the process automatic. We are thinking about using public API to get result and program some rules to do that automatically.
Do you have any recommendation for us for this task? I hope there is already some solutions that fits our goal here.