Querying companies



I would like to know if is there some endpoint in the API to query the companies in HubSpot like there is for contacts. So far I’ve found only the options to search companies by ID or domain. I was wondering if is there a more generic endpoint that allows me query using other properties, like name.


@Tinadim There is not at the moment. You will have to parse through the results after you make the call. For Contacts you can get my email/id/user token. You can’t query on parameters outside of that like in First Name.


@pmanca actually using the endpoint /contacts/v1/search/query I was able to search using several different properties for the contact. But thanks anyway, I guess I’ll have to fetch all the companies and filter afterwards


@Tinadim Very Cool! I was unaware of that endpoint. Companies doesn’t appear to have a similar end point taking a second look at it.