Questions about lists

  1. In the API documentation, I see “Get a group of contact lists” but no “Create a group of lists”. How would I go about doing this?

  2. I see no documentation about adding custom fields to lists. Is this possible? (e.g. I want a list property named “sync” with a boolean value so I can just grab lists and check that value).

  3. Do webhooks send out a request when a contact is removed from a list? I see that it does send out requests on property change, I don’t know if this would apply.



  1. The way to create a list would be just using the single create list end point here:
  1. Lists to have values or properties, contacts do. You can decide which of those contact properties display in the list. You would have to make any new property on the contact level.

  2. A webhook can send out a notification/contact info on the creation/deletion of a contact or on a property change. You cannot fire off a webhook based on the removal from a list. You could fire off a webhook in a workflow based off the status of their list enrollment at that exact time.