Questions about rate limit


I noticed rate limit for api calls and also there’s a document - “Working within the HubSpot API rate limits” which give some advice to handle this limitation.
However we use “HubSpot Events HTTP API”(e.g. to record many events like login, logout and so on. There will come many new users in our system next month and I think it is very possible to exceed secondly rate limit. If I use some strategies to avoid the rate limit, the triggered time of events logged in hubspot would not be correct(The time will be delayed). Can you give me some suggestions?



Hi @Raul_Gao,

The Events HTTP API isn’t subject to the same rate limits as other APIs; certain APIs (like events, form submissions, etc.) don’t follow these limits. You can see whether or not an endpoint is subject to these limitation by checking the Method Details on the relevant doc:


Thanks @Derek_Gervais

That’s what I want.