Quick Hubspot Blog Styling Question


Hi! On my hubspot blog search results page, the site search input box is looking really funky (it spans the entire width of the page). I'm sure this is something that can be fixed in the design manager via the CSS class or Inline styling boxes, but I am not tech-savvy/code-comfortable enough to know where to begin. Any recommendations?

Thanks so much!


Hi @marketing1212, did you reach out to Support about this? They should certainly be able to advise on how to fix this issue. If you already reached out to them, can you please share your Support ticket number?

That said, happy to help you here if you're still looking for an answer. Can you please link your blog results page and reply with your HubID here so I can take a look?


Hi @marketing1212, I actually was able to locate your Support case with Lew but the contents didn't appear to say anything about editing the style of the page. I was able to go into your blog Search template here: https://app.hubspot.com/beta-design-manager/774593/templates/6480721265 and add a group to the main content. I then added a CSS class called page-center which is a HubSpot class that we use to center content on a page and constrict it to a certain width. Your stylesheet was making it so that the width for the input for searching was 100%, which is fine in and of itself, but on the results page there was nothing constricting the width, so the search bar spanned the entire width of the page.

Your results page looks a bit cleaner now, but let me know if you have questions or if this isn't the look you're going for.


Hi Connor_Barley. The look that you achieved was exactly what I was going for. Thank you for the helpful explanation of why it was happening, and how to fix it (and the assist!). It is greatly appreciated!


No worries! Happy to help :blush: