Rate Limit Error



I have developed an integration with our client’s database in order to pass contact back and forth. I recently began seeing rate limit errors each day with my code.

I tried to check the account(s) limit - but even that returned an error.

I have asked our mutual customer if they implemented something but have not heard back.

On the page showing integrations it does show Zapier as an integration. I have a feeling they did something to eat up all the daily API calls.

Can you tell which API program is using all the calls so I can try to discuss with our client?

I can give you the portalID if you need it



I was wondering if there was any update on this from Hubspot support?



@mcmillansp what error are you getting? 429? Which Zapier integration are you using?


Hello Peter;

I am getting the following:

{“status”:“error”,“message”:“You have reached your daily limit.”,“errorType”:“RATE_LIMIT”,“correlationId”:"",“groupName”:“publicapi:hapikey-tiered:basic:”,“policyName”:“DAILY”,“requestId”:""}

I do not know which integration is being used.

I am not the actual customer. I work for the customer and have been asked to sync up their HS contacts with their outside database.

What I would like to be able to do is tell the customer which integration is using all the API calls. Can you determine which IP or integration is using all the calls?

Looks like it started failing for me in late March.



@mcmillansp I’m not sure if we have those reports readily available or not for every portal ID. can you Direct Message me your portal ID? I will reach out and see if I can get any more detail. I would also reach back out to the customer and see what other integrations they are using and that might help you narrow down who might be eating up all the calls. Your customer can always purchase the API add-on as well to get more API calls per day.


Sure. Not quite sure how to DM you on this site though. I poked around and could not find that functionality.


I might have to initiate it to newer forum member sorry!, one sec