Rate Limiting Due Diligence & Monitoring


I’ve been using the Hubspot API to import records from Zoho - I of course don’t want to hit the rate limit so I’ll sleep my script for a second every 10 requests. However, I don’t see any API calls in the monitoring tab of my app. Nada! How can I see how many API calls I’ve made total in a day?


Hi @Tim_Huang

The call logging you’d see in your app would only log calls made using OAuth tokens generated by authenticating with that app, so if you’re using an API key, you wouldn’t see anything in that log. We’re going to be releasing a few new tools to track calls made with API keys soon.

If you are using an OAuth token, and you’re still not seeing anything in the logging, can you message me with the app ID that you’re looking at and the Hub ID of the account you’re making API requests to?


I actually am using an OAuth token. The HAPIkey and UserId method did not work, I kept getting an error saying UserId not provided even though I did. But that’s another matter, I suppose.