Rating schema on blog posting




We want to implement a rating widget on our blog to get aggregate rating schema on blog posting, how to do so?



Hi @sameer,

You can add custom modules to your blog post/listing template to do a variety of things. If you're running into issues with adding some custom functionality to your blog, can you give me some more specific information on the challenges you're facing?


Looking for a similar solution. One thing I am seeing is that compared to WordPress, I am not seeing much schema markup incorporated into the pages. Great example is the Yoast WordPress plugin -- it automatically adds schema markup for Google+, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

But getting down to specifics, it's important to be able to add ratings/reviews to products/blog posts.

Two questions:

  1. How can we incorporate a sitewide template to make sure we have Organization, Google+, Facebook and Twitter markup automatically generated every time a new page/post is created?

  2. How can we add star ratings/reviews to specific pages/posts?


Yes with a custom module you can implement the star rating service but how do you store the data in the post?