Re-enable inactive event



Is there any way to re-enable an event that appears “no longer active”?

Have a nice day!


@fonji Can you please provide an example? I do not fully understand what you are looking to do yet.


Of course - here’s what’s happening:

Somebody disabled an event, I have no idea how but when I go to the details page, I see this:

This event is sent from our application server using its ID, so it would be easier for us to be able to re-enable it.
Maybe I’m blind, but I didn’t find any documentation nor any CTA to re-enable it.

We could re-create an event and change its ID but it seems cleaner if we can re-enable the existing one.


@fonji You might want to try support for that. I’m wondering if something weird happened on our side and they will have the tools to dive further into it.

Please let me know if you run into any trouble getting a hold of them.


OK, I’ll do that. Thanks.



I posted on the community forum, didn’t get any answer.

How should I contact them?


@fonji Did you try calling in or emailing support?


No I haven’t. Can’t find an email address, and I like the phone as much as the stereotypical developer.

When I go, I see this:

As you can see from the header, I’m already logged in.
If I click “Log in to see support options”, I end up on the “new accounts dashboard” and I can’t find support from there.

I have a support email but it’s a personal one and I was looking for a more generic one for something that seems so trivial.
I’ll reach out anyway.


@fonji Let me know if they don’t get back to you on this.


Support managed it quickly yesterday, I was just waiting for the stats to be updated to confirm that it works (it does!).

And gosh, I feel really dumb. Here’s the first screencap I posted:

Look how nice the “Help” button looks on the bottom right! In my own screencap. I have to get an appointment with an ophthalmologist.

Thank you for caring and for your time.


@fonji I’m glad it is working now!