Re-enrollment Workflow criteria based on Email opt-out property not firing


Hello! I have 2 workflows that are based on an email type Opt-Out = ‘Yes’ and one for ‘No’. These Workflows themselves are not re-enrolling anyone, based on the criteria I have laid out. i.e. if opt-out is Yes >>> re-enroll in workflow #1 (and trigger webhook), if opt-out is No >>> re-enroll in workflow #2 (and trigger webhook).

However, even though the Opt-out property is being updated without issue via the email preferences located at the bottom of an email, that property being the trigger for the re-enrollment is not working.

Any thoughts on why this might be? I’m wondering if when Opt-Out =/= Yes that the field is actually blank and not ‘No’ is having anything to do with it?

Thank you!