Re-Subscription Email not sending email every time for opted out email address. Is there a filter?


We have Enabled the Re-subscription Emails ( Content->Content Settings-> Email).
Scenario is user is opted out of email. On the landing page form when a user enters his email and tabs out, as desired, he is displayed the following link -Looks like you’ve opted out of email communication. Click here to get an email and opt back in. On Clicking the link, re-subscribe email is received and the same is reflected in the contact timeline

Question/Problem: If we try the above step again, the link is displayed. On clicking the link again, the re-subscribe email is not received (we may receive it 2 or max 3 more times but stops after that for couple of hours). The contact timeline reflects that. On following day we try the same, we get the same behavior, email is received 1,2 or 3 times and stops after that. Is there a filter ? We just want to understand the working so expectations can be set. ( Note: it is the same user with the same opted out email address trying to re-subscribe)



To my knowledge, the email should be sent whenever the link is clicked. If you’re seeing issues with that functionality, I’d recommend reaching out to our Support team so that they can help diagnose the issue:


Thanks Derek, I have initiated a request with the Hubspot support and they were able to re-generate the issue with their opted email addresses as well. They are looking into it …


FYI, Hubspot support did get back, so here is the answer (good to know)

“there’s a time period after sending an opt-in email when another opt-in email cannot be triggered to the same contact. This is a safeguard to prevent users from abusing the resubscription forms feature by repeatedly filling out the form with a contact’s info and “spamming” the contact.
Contacts will receive one opt-in email and then will need to wait before filling out the form again”



Thanks for updating the topic with that info!