Reached our API Limit


We've reached our API limit today and it's only 10:30 am (PST). I really need help figuring out why we've reached our limit. We created 52 Deals yesterday and 36 Deals this morning. These amounts are more than what we would create on a typical day. Does creating a Deal impact our API requests and if it does, how so?


Hi @S.Fernandez,

Can you give me your Hub ID? Are you finding that you're regularly running into your daily API limit?


Hello Derek,

Our Hub ID is 528888. We've exceeded our API limit 4 times in the past 5
weeks. We deactivated our hapikey on Thursday and that seemed to bring down
our API requests significantly. It would be nice to pinpoint what custom
application was using up our API calls.



Hi @S.Fernandez,

Thank you for that information. I can see that you started hitting your API limits, but there weren't a signification number of rate limit errors, meaning that it's unlikely the issue was a runaway process or something similar.

The tricky part about integrations that use a hapikey is that we (HubSpot) have very little insight into where precisely the requests are coming from. OAuth tokens are associated to a specific HubSpot app, making it easy to see which integration is responsible for what traffic. But each portal only has a single hapikey, which is shared among all apps that use it for authentication, so all hapikey traffic is nearly indistinguishable.

For troubleshooting issues like this, I can help dig into big picture information like what endpoints get the most traffic, what time of day you seem to be hitting your limits, etc. in an effort to identify a known integration that might be causing you to hit the limit. Outside of that, you'll need to do an audit of the integrations you have that use your hapikey.

Additionally, if you believe that the traffic may be unauthorized or that your hapikey may have been compromised, you should deactivate it immediately (which you did). This will cut off access, and a new key can be generated for use in your legitimate integrations.

In summary:

  • It's not possibly to directly identify which specific hapikey integration/app/process is causing you to hit your daily limit
  • I can help examine your traffic to look for patterns and get information on what might be contributing to hitting the limit
  • It's important to audit your existing hapikey integrations, and migrate as many to OAuth as is reasonable