Read/Add/Update contact activity through REST API


We want to extract/Add/Update contact activity via Rest API.

Right now, we are using engagement API and from this we are getting only Emails, Calls, Notes, Meetings records and not Activity data.Can timeline API works?

Primary goal is to extract all activity log of contact. Any suggestions?


Hi @gauravathubspot !

We did something similar, however we have used webhooks for watching the modification of a contact.
There is a possibility of creating an application which would be integrated within your portal. Thanks to that
you can create webhooks attached to any action (create/update/delete) of contact/company/deal. Each “change” of certain element send at your pointed endpoint a json load, which contains the body of the whole element (properties/values) which gives you the ability even to see what was changed.

I do not know about Timeline API, so maybe someone else tried with that.

Hope this helps!

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But, my problem is different.

I am importing contacts from some other CRM into Hubspot and for this i want to import all the old CRM activities into Hubspot through API.

How can i achieve this?



Hi @gauravathubspot,

What kind of activity are you looking to import? The Timeline API might be what you’re looking for; it allows you to define activity types related to your app and create them on the contact’s timeline. I’d read the reference docs on the Timeline API to figure out if it’s best for the types of activities you’re looking to create. In all likelihood, the engagements API is going to remain the best option for importing contact activities.