Receiving 502 Bad gateway when requesting Landing pages


When I make the call /content/api/v2/pages I receive a 502 every-time however the calls to emails, blog posts, and forms works fine. Is there anything that I could do to avoid this or have some light shined upon this issue?


Hi @Alexander_Tingey,

Happy to help. To troubleshoot effectively, though, I'll need a bit more information. Would you share:

  1. The full request URL you used, including the method.
  2. The raw request body, including the headers.
  3. The full error you received from HubSpot, including the status code.

    We have a guzzle client handling are requests where we pass it the url and headers/ query
    $response = $this->client->get($url, ['headers' => $headers, 'query' => ['limit' => 100]]);

and we receive a 502 Bad Gateway when we make the call


Thanks, @Alexander_Tingey. I forgot to ask this in my last message, but what is your Hub ID? I'd like to run some tests.


our hub ID is 4203244 Thanks so much!


Hey @Alexander_Tingey,

Thanks for that!

I received a 200 response when I called in Postman with an API key from your portal. Can you confirm you see the same behavior?

This suggests there may be an issue with the implementation in the Guzzle client rather than the endpoint itself. Are you authorizing through the " Lingotek Translation" app?


Yeah the weird thing is we use the same guzzle client to hit all the other ones and this call use to work. yes I'm authorizing through the Lingotek Translation app. It seems to only fell when the code is in production just for pages.


Hey @Alexander_Tingey,

Could you send me a link to the HubSpot app you're using? I see that a "Lingotek Translation" app with the ID 30703 is connected to hub 4203244, however it's coming from developer portal 1813149, which was deactivated on 10 October 2017.

I found another "Lingotek Translation" app with the ID 41569 associated with developer portal 3025944, but it's not connected to hub 4203244, which could explain the issues you're experiencing.