Receiving cloudfront error



Hey there,

we've noticed that over the weekend leads were not sent to one of our forms, which we've integrated in our application and are calling from our backend. Luckily we had them also in our DB, otherwise they would be lost.

After some digging, the error didn't seem to be on our side, since we were receiving the following error:

The owner of this website ( has banned your access based on your browser's signature (3f340a8a8823970c-ua21)

I was able to fix this on our side by using a different request library. But now we are unsure if this might happen again in the future.
How can we prevent this from happening again?



Hi @TimoTalentwunder,

I'll need some more details on the actual error you're seeing. Do you happen to have the raw error response? Are you seeing the errors when making requests from a particular IP address? If you see any more of these errors going forward, I'd be happy to continue digging into them with you.


Hey @Derek_Gervais,

that's actually the message I get (I stripped out the HTML tags.

The error is not specific to an IP address but rather the standard Groovy library (URL#openConnection).
We now switched to another library which seems to work just fine, but we wanna make sure that this does not happen again :wink:


Hi @TimoTalentwunder,

I see. That error usually appears when requests come in without a user agent. Is it possible that you weren't including a unique user agent with the standard Groovy library?