Receiving lots of connection timeouts recently using the forms API




we’ve integrated the forms API into our application for quite a long time. But recently, we are receiving connection timeouts from HubSpot quite often. This started during the last week without any changes in our production system.

On our side, the timeout is configured with 30s. We are posting data to the URL{portalId}/{formGUID}

Does anybody else experience the same?

Thanks for any feedback and support.


Hi @evsteam

We did make a change to last week (traffic is now routed through Akamai), but that shouldn’t be causing timeouts (in fact, it should reduce the chances you’ll hit a timeout).

Any other details for the requests that you can share? Are you getting any response at all?


Hi @dadams
Thanks for your quick reply. We very very rarely had timeouts before. But it looks like since the change you made we get quite a few. It could be a caching issue in the routing that’s going on.
I think we will wait a few more days and check if the issues remain.
Again, thanks a lot.


Hi @dadams
The issue isn’t resolve on our side. What we can say is, that one call goes through in under a 2nd and the next takes more than 30 seconds. As soon as we have some fast calls, consecutive calls are more likely to be fast as well. But 15 minutes or so later, you have calls again which take more than 30 seconds.
Any idea what this could be?


@evsteam I’ll need some other details to dig into this. I’ll reach out to you directly.


Hi @dadams
I’ve looked at the trace logs of our application with more detail. I’ve seen, that we are using the keep-alive header. The response agrees with that but doesn’t provide any timeout information. This will result in the connection being kept alive indefinitely.

http-outgoing-1 << Connection: keep-alive
Connection can be kept alive indefinitely

But it looks like that’s not the case on the server, because if the requests takes very long and we are facing a timeout, the http client under the hood gets a connection reset.

I’ve found the following article related to akamai:

Could that be the issue, that akamai closes the connection?

Thanks for your support.