Recently Created Companies Has More



i’ve some problems with this api
the api return always hasMore true (for the current_offset 2460 and total 13748) also if reach the setted limit of 30 days.

This mechanism works for the lasted created company.


Hi @enrico.bianchetti,

I did some testing, but I wasn’t able to reproduce the issue in my own portal. Can you reach out with the full request (sans authentication) that you’re making?


Thanks @Derek_Gervais,
seems that the call to the api with offset 2460 return a 200 response with empty result.
Endpoint is called recursively by passing the offset obtained from the previous call
if i call again with the start point to 2460 the i’ve the same result: empty value after 2460 offset increment.
i use pho with cURL fro the API call. Thanks


Hi @enrico.bianchetti,

When you make the call immediately preceding the call with offset 2460 (i.e. the call that returns offset:2460), what is the value of hasMore? If you make a new request with the offset provided by the last call (i.e. when hasMore: false) you’ll get an empty results array. Can you post the response you’re getting to the final calls?


HI @Derek_Gervais,
i found the error, apologise me for the inconvenience, thanks for your support. Ciao
You can delete this post, it’s not significant for the community.