Recently Modified Contacts not returning ALL properties


It seems to only return the following properties:

  1. firstname
  2. lastname
  3. modifieddatetime
  4. company

There is an option to specify the properties you want returned however there are so many properties I don't know which one was modified that caused the contact to be on this "recently modified list". It's a pain to have to update this endpoint to contain ALL properties on the contact (and in fact we will run out of space in the URL after a while).

Is there a way to get a list of just all the properties that were updated as the "recently modified companies" endpoint does?



I hope this helps: Technically you could use the API to get a contact and property history:

using the &propertyMode=value_and_history property/value.

You could then go through the history of each property to see the latest updated one.

Just curious: Are you trying to figure out what was updated because everything is getting updated?


CJ - Thanks so much for the reply. I actually was able to get it working going with the method you discussed. I used the "recently modified" endpoint to get the list of contacts that were modified within my timeline. Then I go get the Contact using that method you described and map the properties based on the version information in that property hash.

It's a pain to have so many roundtrips but it works. Would be nice to be able to have that "recently modified" endpoint just return the properties that were actually modified (the data is there).



No problem @chris.walker, I am glad you got it working.

I agree that it would be better to have a recently modified end point on a user and it's properties. I know they do something like that in the contacts admin, but its not searchable.