Recently Modified Property for Contacts



Is there any endpoint from where i can get list of contacts whose particular property has been modified?
I am using this endpoint at the moment GET /contacts/v1/lists/recently_updated/contacts/recent and i dont find this endpoint robust for my work.
Please help me out with this.


@Piyush_Sinha You could set up a webhook that would tell you which contact has changed on a particular property. This can be done in a dev portal or in a workflow.


For some reason it is not possible for me. I would like to make API calls
to witness the change.Is there any way for it?


@Piyush_Sinha The only way to do that is with a webhook. You can try and make a webhook through the API if you would prefer.


Like I told you it is not feasible for my platform to use webhooks in the way in which hubspot supports it. I
Instead I will try and use the recently_updated_contacts endpoint and for that I want to know how to use timeOffset and vidOffset parameters?Can you help me out with these parameters?


@Piyush_Sinha Our documentation will hold all of the information on how to use those two parameters.

If you get stuck or have trouble understanding them please let me know.


Yeah please tell me how to use timeOffset and vidOffset?


Can you please let me know where in the documentation you get lost? That way I know what to explain to you and can update the documentation. Do you have any examples of your attempts to code it out?