Recently Updated Deals



When requesting deals from the recently modified deal path (GET /deals/v1/deal/recent/modified ) the properties returned are only a subset of the total properties expected. Is there anyway to append either the full property list (or a subset) by specifying it (similar to the &property=x&property=y ability in GET /deals/v1/deal/paged ) OR is there a way to append the same style of properties in the GET /deals/v1/deal/:dealId path?

Also, are the properties in the returned deal array just the initial subset of the deals or does it contain JUST the modified fields?


Hi @Dave_L

The deal data will only include properties that have been set for any specific deal, so any properties that have never had a value will not be included, even if explicitly requested in the URL.

The data for the properties will be the current values for the properties at the time of the request.