Remove application integration from the application side?


Imagine i have an application integrated with a hubspot portal.
Now if I want to remove the integration from within hubspot, I would go to integrations and 'disconnect' the integration as illustrated here:

How would I go about to disconnect the integration (gracefully) from the applications side so that when the hubspot user in question looks under integrations, the app would no longer show up there?


Hi @kwonderschool, at this time the user must explicitly disconnect the application on their end like you've shown. This can't be done programmatically. You can kill the refresh token using this endpoint:, but it won't remove it from the UI.

As per this topic: Programmatic Removal of App from a Portal? there hasn't been movement on this front and I'm not aware of plans to implement this at the moment


I see. It's unfortunate as it leaves alot of loose ends hanging when either party 'disconnects'.

Is there perhaps a webhook to subscribe to for 'application disconnected' events?

Then at least you could handle a scenario where the hubspot user disconnect the app in a graceful manner.


Hi @kwonderschool, unfortunately not at the moment. The events you can listen for with Webhooks are just the ones listed in the Webhook Subscriptions section here:

I definitely see the use case here, though, so I'd recommend posting your idea in our ideas forum