Remove input fields from form



I am trying to remove some input fields from the form depending on some conditions. But when I am removing those fields I am getting this error -

“Error: Minified exception occurred; use the non-minified dev environment for the full error message and additional helpful warnings.”

What could be the reason?


Hi @sougata_bose,

I’m not familiar with that error; are you trying to remove fields from a HubSpot embedded form? Is this on a HubSpot page, or an external page?


Hi Derek,

Yes, I am trying to remove some fields depending on some conditions. But when removed that error occurred. The script is minified and thus it is not showing the actual error.

The form is on external pages.


Hi @sougata_bose,

Can you send me a link to the page? How exactly are you removing these inputs? Are you hiding them or actually removing them from the DOM ?


Hi Derek,

I can send you the link as it is not live due to the error.

I am removing the field from the DOM as if the field stays the the value will be updated on Hubspot.


Hi @sougata_bose,

It's difficult to troubleshoot without a live example, but perhaps you could try hiding the input and clearing the value?


If I clean the value would not it update the value present on Hubspot?


Hi @sougata_bose,

If there's no value in a HubSpot form field, the submission won't clear out the value for that contact property.


Thanks for the replay. I will implement and check.