Remove salesforce owners from hubspot users


When I create contact and want to assign user to that contact. There is lot of users including users that are shown in settings->users and some some users that came from salesforce. Can I delete or edit the users that came from salesforce.?
For example

The users end with (Salesforce) coming from salesforce.
Thanks in advance


Hi @chishtian212

Salesforce users can be added to HubSpot as owners, so that any records that are syncing between Salesforce and HubSpot can show the same owner in both systems. However, the owners are separate from HubSpot users, so they’ll only be available as an option for setting a record owner. Those Salesforce users will not be able to log in to HubSpot.


Is there a way to remove it once integration with Salesforce is complete? Even though the owners are separate, contacts can still be assigned to the salesforce user causing the Hubspot user to be unable to see them.


@Romi_Gibbs if you’re removing the Salesforce Integration from HubSpot, you can contact the support team to get help with removing the Salesforce owners.