Renaming an Advanced Menu


We're not seeing a way to rename an advanced menu (for example, from "Sitemap" to "Header Nav." You can rename menu labels, you can delete menus, and you can publish/save draft/delete them. But there doesn't seem to be a way to rename menus in the COS.

Is this a known feature limitation, or is there an obscure button somewhere?


Hi @bluematador,

You can rename an advanced menu by clicking on the 'Actions' drop down in the advanced menu settings:


Hi Derek, thanks for responding. I'm looking at our Advanced Menus page, and it looks different than yours. I also don't see an Action menu as you have shown.


Hi @bluematador,

That's odd; I thought that all portals were moved over to the new settings view. Are you given the option to switch to the new view? To my knowledge, it's not possible to rename advanced menus in the old settings view (one of the benefits to the new view). If you're not given that option, can you send me the Hub ID of the portal you're referring to so that I can work on getting you moved to the new view?


Derek, doesn't look like we're on the new system. Our Hub ID is 3917309.


Hi @bluematador,

Can you try logging in and navigating to Content -> Content Settings now? Let me know if you have access to the new view now.